Ashley Nelson, CAT

Ashley was born and raised in Victoria where she played a variety of sports in her youth. Her athletic endeavors as a child contributed to a number of significant injuries which led to an interest in rehabilitation and Athletic Therapy.  

Ashley completed her four-year Athletic Therapy certification at Camosun College in 2013. During her academic career Ashley worked with a variety of team sports, including hockey and lacrosee. 

In addition to  working with Start Line Health and Wellness Group, she also works with the Pacific Coast Hockey Academy. Ashley is a First Responder, SHIFT Concussion Management Practitioner, and a Registered Kinesiologist.

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Ashley joined the Start Line Health and Wellness team in January 2014 and has made a considerable contribution to the clinic and to her clients. She has strong skills with manual therapy (which include trigger point release, soft tissue release, joint mobilization, and muscle energy techniques) and has extensive knowledge with exercise prescription. Ashley is also competent in the use of modalities (ultrasound, tens, interferencial, shockwave) to aid in the healing process of soft tissue injuries.

Outside of work, Ashley enjoys being outdoors, hiking, boot camps and spin classes.